What is AMM?

Advanced Marina Management has over 35 years of experience as an owners representative and operator of day-to-day management of Marinas, property and marina maintenance, Marina Strata management, management reporting and upkeep of accounts, crisis management, and staff recruiting and training. Our team has been directly involved in the expansion, designing, redesigning and rebuilding, plus pre-purchase investigations of many marinas throughout East Coast Australia, including the recently completed Gold Coast Marine Centre, Queensland.

Over the years, our directors have visited Marinas all over the world and facilitated and attended schools and seminars to learn new innovations and establish an extensive and varied knowledge base which in turn has been used to develop this finely tuned Management tool...

Dry Storage
  • A total Marina operations package including day-to-day management and staffing
  • Government Regulations and Environmental Issues and liaisons with authorities
  • Implementation of a complete operations manual
  • Marina Strata Management
  • Accounting and all reporting
  • Assistance in Marina and Dry Storage designing
  • Commercial Leasing and tenancy management
  • Instant Management Support (Anytime/Anywhere)
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Professional and knowledgeable approach to all aspects of the Marina Industry.
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Support tertimonials from BIA
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Support tertimonials from BIA
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